Kristin Myers is the mother of three busy children, including her tender-hearted son Gabriel, and fun-loving identical twin daughters Taylor and Sydney. While she takes her job as Momma very seriously, she approaches it with a great sense of humor and a healthy dose of humility. Kristin enjoys reflecting on the on-going lessons and insights learned through her experiences of marriage and parenting – which is how her first book Twin Turbulence was born.  She writes here at

Kristin and her patient husband of 13 years, Craig, spend most of their time cheering on their kids from gym bleacher seats or sideline chairs. They love a good adult night out as much as a family movie night in.

The Myers reside in Michigan, where they make it a point to enjoy the lake in the summer and their fireplace in the winter.

About Twin Turbulence


The story starts in 2004 when journaling became first-time author Kristin Myers’ outlet. This is not a handbook – it’s a labor of love. While reading you will nod, laugh and empathize with Kristin as a woman, as a parent, as a wife, as the mother of twins (which is a completely different ballgame) and as part of a team facing a cancer diagnosis.

These are the honest reactions to the constant, unexpected nature of life that was magnified by twins. The trials and errors, the ups and downs, and the in-betweens. This is the truth of living through the rough parts while searching for any and all silver linings.