It’s Sunday morning.  Taylor and I are waking up slowly to last night’s recorded Dierks Bentley Palladia episode.  So far, my impression of the man is nothing less than adorable.  I’m not naive though.  I know this video was made with the intention of making me swoon.

But so far?  I’m pretty impressed.

Marriage is tough.  Parenting is tough.  Tour life is tough.  Balancing all three?  I have to believe that’d be next to impossible.

Even though I am already smitten – I mean, have you seen him?  Have you heard his sexy, raspy voice?  Did you know he still drives his dad’s old truck and drops his daughters off at school before piloting his own sleek jet from city to city? – I’m still skeptical.

But then…

Then the producer tells me about Sounds of Summer and Back Porch.  He explains that these two songs had to be added to the darker, heavier album because their combined lightness “rounded the record out in a good way.”

My eyes grow wide and my ears perk at the mention of a song entitled Back Porch.  I push pause and head straight to Google to find the lyrics.

You see, I have a back porch too.  It is my very favorite place in the whole wide world.  Whenever I’m feeling misplaced – which is often – I head straight to my porch.  I close my eyes and smile as the gentle breeze flows through my hair.  I find peace in the sounds of nature.  With every breath of fresh air, I feel free.

When I am on my back porch, I feel the most like me.  When I feel like me, I am happy.  Relaxed.  Home.  Ready to kick back and have a good time.

Ain’t no line around the corner, no security,
No velvet rope, no dress code, everybody’s VIP,
You can wear your hat, dance in your bare feet,
No credit card, no roll of cash, just BYOB.

Oh Dierks.  Were you eavesdropping on my thoughts?  Did you ask my friends about me?  Really…how did you know?

I was so excited.  I pushed play with great anticipation.  That’s when Sounds of Summer came on.

It’s a tractor firin’ up 
Kids playin’ in a field  
Four wheels gettin’ stuck…
…These are the sounds goin’ down in a nowhere town underneath a wide open sky.

I was hooked on the very little that was played.  So much so that I grunted with disgust when I couldn’t hear the fourth line of the first verse.  Again I went to Google, only to find that the song has yet to be released.  Needless to say, I am bummin’.

I know when I do hear the full version of Sounds of Summer it will be just right.  He’s singing about my childhood.  The small town, country girl in me.  The girl who volunteered to let her big brother roll her down the steep pond bank in a tractor inner tube because he convinced her it would be fun.  It was too, until I crashed into the deep, clay tire rut that separated the grass from the unplowed field.  I don’t know how my neck didn’t snap as I soared through the air before splatting down onto the hard earth.  It’s a good thing it didn’t though, because I needed the use of my legs to sprint after my brother so I could punch him so hard my fist hurt.

Oh Sounds of Summer made me smile and miss my simple upbringing in the best way possible.

So you did it, Dierks.  You convinced me.  You stripped down and related to me.

I look forward to the upcoming release of Riser.

I promise to play it loud.  On my back porch.  While listening to the sounds of summer.  And smiling.