I’m a stay at home mom.  That’s the job I picked eleven years ago.

I love being around my kids.  Even when they drive me  crazy.  Well – maybe not completely when they drive me crazy.  But it takes a lot to get me there, and I’m pretty quick to recover.

However for the past 5+ weeks my job has been more challenging than usual.  Winter vacation collided with the Polar Vortex.  As a result, Snowmageddon and dangerously cold weather conditions have led to several school cancellations.  Then factor in the stomach flu that has been present for the last two weeks.

* In 40 days, I have had 5 that were both kid and puke free. *

I am not complaining.  It’s my job.  But I am calculating because as I said before – it’s been extra challenging.

Taylor was the one with the pukes yesterday.  All over my bed.  All over the floor…All over.

Why at 9 she doesn’t yet make it to the bathroom, I will never know.  But neither did her identical twin sister the previous week, so at least there’s that?

The moral of the story is this:  I am tired.  My legs are hairy.  I haven’t gotten in a good workout since Saturday.  My shoulders are tense.  And all three kids are home again today.

Taylor is still sick on the couch with bed head like I’ve never seen before.  However she’s starting to feel just well enough to argue with me about having to take a shower.  And Sydney is in a cooking and crafting kind of a mood. (sigh)

“Please, Sydney.  No messes today, okay?” I pleaded with her earlier.

“Okay, Momma.  I’ll try my best.”  I appreciated her honesty.

So when I walked through the kitchen and saw the table full of crumbs and other leftover debris from breakfast, I couldn’t help but snicker at her trail.

“Hey!  Who made this mess?” I shouted, pretending to be frustrated.  I looked right at Sydney.  She sensed the playfulness in my tone.

“It wasn’t me!” she claimed her innocence, doing her best to hide an ornery grin.

“Oh really?” I sneered with sarcasm.  “Then who was it?”

“It was Taylor.  You know we look just alike, don’t you?” she giggled with confidence.

I giggled too.  She knew she had me right where she wanted me.  Stuck in a moment of gratitude.  Thankful for this extra day with them, yet again.  Because if they were in school, I might have missed this “first” I’ve been anticipating for the last 9 years:

The first time our twins lie about their identity to avoid trouble.

“Well, you got me there,” I conceded, even though I knew the truth.  She knew I knew the truth, but we both opted not to mention it.  She walked off smiling while I cleaned up the mess and marveled at my little girl’s quick wit.

It was a moment.  I made a mental note not to forget it.

Then I turned around.  And saw this:

Anyone need a bow?  Bring your money.

Anyone need a bow? Bring your money.

I knew the craft store was open…And it was going to cost me.