Oh my gosh!  I’m so excited!  Like squealing over here!

I’ve got such a great idea and I want to share it with you!  Sharing is so fun!  Because then my great idea becomes your great idea, and you get to be as excited as me!

So here it is:

This November I am going to…

GIVE 30 Days of THANKS!

Every day in November, I am going to surprise one unsuspecting person with a random act of kindness to give them a joyful reason to be thankful!

Here’s how the idea started:

Last week on facebook, my post was:

“Reason 423 why I love fall: The smell of pumpkin spice coffee.”

To which my Furloughed Friend Roxy responded:

“I live right beside a Starbucks….it Is KILLING me to not get a pumpkin spiced latte every morning. My mouth is watering just thinking of one.”

So I sent her a Starbucks giftcard via facebook so she could treat herself to a guilt-free pumpkin spiced latte the next morning.  I was so excited!  I giggled just thinking about her reaction of surprised delight when she opened the notice.

Then, two days later, I read a post from a fellow blogger friend of mine:

“Who will be Twinfamy’s 500th liker? I’m on pins and needles.

OW! That’s a sharp freaking needle.”

It made me laugh!  I can relate to wanting more “likers” on my facebook blog page, but also feel a bit silly when I campaign.  The next morning I checked out of curiosity to see if he had reached 500.  When I discovered he hadn’t, I decided to help.

I grinned with eager anticipation as I typed the following post:

“So my friend JP over athttps://www.facebook.com/twinfamy has 499 likes. How about some of my peeps go over there and like his page to give him reason to celebrate today? He’s a stay at home twin Dad, a self-proclaimed Super Hero, a husband, a doctoral student, and a musician. Ya…he’s got lots of funny stories.”

Then I inboxed a few of my online friends to help ensure the delivery of my unexpected surprise.  Not only did he reach 500 Likes, but he shot up to 512!  I couldn’t wait for him to find out!  Again, it made me giggle just thinking about his reaction because I knew how happy that unsolicited little favor would make me!

It wasn’t attention or praise I was after.  It was knowing that my random act of kindness – that was so easy to do – was going to make someone else’s ordinary day shine a little brighter!

That knowledge felt GOOD!  I wanted more of that good feeling!  And I wanted other people to experience it with me!  So I started to brainstorm.  That’s when it hit me:

For years I’ve read November facebook posts that celebrate 30 Days of Gratitude – A month long intention to recognize, appreciate, and focus on your blessings in life.  It’s a very healthy practice to develop and maintain a positive attitude.  So do it.

But don’t stop there!  Spread your inner spirit of gratitude out to those around you!  Bless others with your positivity!  Give someone else a reason to smile.  You’ll be so thankful you did!

So who wants to join me this November and

GIVE 30 Days of THANKS!

photo credit: Jane Dawson Photography

photo credit:
Jane Dawson Photography

If you want to participate:

Click here to go to the GIVE 30 Days of Thanks facebook page.

(Wait ’til you see the awesome graphics my friend Jane at Jane Dawson Photography whipped up for the occasion!  It’s worth a look, trust me!)

Once you’re there, “Like” it to make it part of your newsfeed.

Then share your random giving experiences with the rest of us!  I have a feeling it’s going to be a great place to be!

Note: Squealing is totally allowed.


Please feel free to share with your friends and encourage your kids to participate as well!  Let’s get this party started!