Today I woke up with the flu.  Not what I had on the agenda.  Not even close.

Even though I’m bummed about the unexpected change in schedule, more than anything I am thankful.  Now that the kids are older and in school all day, I treasure the fact that when I’m sick, I’m allowed to be sick.  My dogs are happy to lay by my side and let me sleep the day away.

This was not the case when the kids were little.  I used to fight back tears all day when I was sick then.  They didn’t understand or care that Mommy felt like crap.  They still wanted breakfast, lunch, snacks, and choc-moo-moo.  They still threw tantrums when things didn’t go just their way.  Every invisible boo-boo still required a band-aid before the drama would dissipate.  Diapers still needed to be changed, and potty training still had to be a priority.  Their attention spans – especially the twins – were too short to be entertained by the television for any length of time, so laying down just wasn’t an option for me.

It was horrible.  Miserable.  I hated being sick.

So, today, instead of being disappointed about what I don’t get to do, I’m going to be thankful for what I do get to do: Be sick.