Another long week of long hours spent writing at my computer.  My neck and shoulders are killing me.  My eyes are dry and tired from staring at the screen.  I’m trying to balance this whole new self-marketing gig in several different ways.

1.)  It makes me uncomfortable to be so over-the-top-out-there with the frequency of my posts.  But my numbers show that it’s working.  My base audience is growing every day, which is what I need for my book launch to be successful. I am sticking to the commitment I made to do it big.  Just trust me…it feels like a lot on my end, too.  So thank you for your patience if you’ve been with me from the beginning.

2.)  While I’m writing like it’s my job, I’m still on the clock as Mom and Wife.  Craig has taken many deep breaths as he supports me on this adventure, as he has grown accustomed to his underwear drawer being consistently full of clean options.  As one phase ends and another one begins, we are again learning to adjust to the rule: “If you need help, just ask me.”  I’m a bit better about asking this time, and he’s a bit better about recognizing that maybe I shouldn’t always have to ask.  Both of which are silver linings, for sure.  Nevertheless…it’s an adjustment for our whole family.

3.)  I’m tired from everything mentioned above.  And it’s common to work my way through lunch.  So by the time I pick the kids up, I’m tired and hungry.  Not a good combination for me.  I’ve spent this week willing myself to be patient.  I’ve done a pretty good job at keeping my cool, but I think this tension has as much to do with my neck and shoulders hurting as the constant typing position.

So when I stumbled upon THIS, it was just what I needed to keep going.  I laughed so hard!  Then I laughed some more.

I laughed at John for having the guts to post his twin reality.  And I laughed at myself, for having the guts to survive that very same reality not so long ago.  Thanks so much, John.  Your honesty kept me going this week and reminded me why I wrote a book in the first place!