Recently I had a fellow blogger comment on her appreciation for the depth of my blogs.  And while it was a very nice compliment, I couldn’t help but laugh at the irony.  Because while I’m alone at my keyboard, I can go deep.  But when I’m with a crowd of people, I prefer to keep it light.  So light that the term airhead might be a more applicable description for me.

     Just the other day, we were having drinks with a great group of people.  In attendance were old friends, new friends and business acquaintances.  While Craig worked early to get the necessary business conversations out of the way, I was having fun catching up with my old friends and getting to know my new ones, who happened to be world travelers.
      Daryl, my new friend, was surprised to learn that I loved the city of Charlotte.  He was very curious as to what made  me love it so much.  He’s 31, single and doesn’t have children.  He was intent on listening with an open-mind so that his next experience to Charlotte might be better than his previous trips, which have been lacking.
     I told him about the shopping, both designer and antique.  I gushed about the scrumptious food on every corner.  I marveled about the romantic quaintness of the city.  I was impressed with how safe I felt walking the streets at night.  I appreciated the upscale classiness that merged with down-home charm.  I was amazed by the preservation of historical beauty as it is a town that makes old feel better than new.  I went on and on with dramatic flair.
As I spoke with reverence to Charlotte, I could tell by the undeniable look of confusion plastered on his face that my explanation of the city was nothing like he’d before experienced.  Feeling the need to add strength to my claim, I told him that a mutual friend of ours (who is also a world traveler)  was the one who referred us to the city in the first place.  In fact, we even visited his home while we were in town.
Suddenly, his confusion changed to frustration.  “Wait!!!  Are you talking about Charleston?!!!” he exclaimed, already knowing the answer to be true because that’s where our mutual friend lives.
“Oh my God!”  I doubled over with embarrassed laughter.  “Yes!!” I squealed as I cupped my hand over my mouth in surprise.  “Forget about Charlotte!  I’ve never stepped foot in that city!” I admitted in hysterics.  “But Charleston is fabulous!!!”
     Daryl shook his head from side to side in amused disgust, and threw his hands in the air in exaggerated defeat.  I was mortified.  But, God, it was funny!
     I wish it ended there…but it doesn’t.  A little while later, we were all talking together in a circle when the subject of Brazil came up.  Craig asked if it was a country I’d ever consider going to visit.
     I looked at him sideways due to the negative assumption in his tone.  “Sure I’d go!”  I reassured our audience.  “I mean, seriously, do I seem like the downer of the group?” I made light of the obvious beer buzz I was enjoying.
     People laughed.  I should have stopped there.  But I didn’t.  As usual, I felt the need to continue.
     “Besides…I speak Spanish really well, so I’d be able to get you around!” I boasted to Craig.
     The circle fell quiet.  Dangerous smiles lurked on everyone’s face but mine, threatening to make me the punchline of the joke.
     Daryl’s friend, the other world traveler, kindly offered, “Yes…except they speak Portuguese in Brazil.”
     Airhead strikes again.  Crap!  The room erupted into laughter.  Once again, I laughed just as hard along with them.  What else was there to do?
     And in that instant we went from being new friends to old friends.  Because now we have a collective story to “remember when” the next time we’re together.  Hopefully, it won’t always be me providing the entertainment in the future, but I won’t make any deep promises.