The girlies start their winter volleyball league tomorrow.  They are both very excited.  So far, this is the only sport that our eight year old identical twins have agreed to love.  Taylor loved dance and gymnastics, but Sydney did not.  Sydney loved soccer and swimming, but Taylor did not.  Craig and I encouraged each of them to play the sports they enjoyed separate from her sister, but it’s the company of each other that they love the most.
So volleyball it is.  Taylor will attack with her left hand, and Sydney will swing with her right.  It makes sense.  They have been a winning team since conception.
And for the time being, we luck out yet again.  Because even though we have three children, we only have two extra-curricular schedules to maintain.  So while we’ll cheer for the girls to ‘Go bananas!’ on the court, we won’t go bananas trying  to get them there.